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Updated: 1 hour 45 min ago

Mental health: How body image pressure for boys has led to rise in hospital cases

Fri, 11/23/2018 - 13:28
Hayley looks into how body image pressure has led to a rise in the number of boys being treated in hospital for eating disorders.

'Plane-spotting helps my autistic son'

Fri, 11/23/2018 - 11:26
Calum Thomson's "happy place" is Glasgow Airport and he goes plane-spotting there almost every day.

Tube 'junk food' advert ban announced by London mayor

Fri, 11/23/2018 - 07:00
Adverts for fatty, sugary foods will vanish from London's transport network next year, City Hall says.

Poor mental health 'took so much of my life'

Thu, 11/22/2018 - 17:11
Emma first started experiencing difficulties with her mental health when she was 13, suffering from anxiety and panic attacks before developing an eating disorder.

GcMAF: Unlicensed HIV drug 'nearly killed patient'

Thu, 11/22/2018 - 15:51
Guernsey company founder David Noakes, of Kent, admits in court to selling the unlicensed drug.

Youth mental health - what's going on?

Thu, 11/22/2018 - 15:31
Trends and findings from the report into the Mental Health of Children and Young People in England

Matthew Wright says The Wright Stuff gave him PTSD

Thu, 11/22/2018 - 13:36
The broadcaster reveals presenting The Wright Stuff had "started to impact his mental health".

Family size shrinks to record low of 1.89 children

Thu, 11/22/2018 - 12:45
Women are having children later, and one-child families are growing in England and Wales, statistics show.

Call to screen newborn babies for 22q genetic condition

Thu, 11/22/2018 - 06:17
Researchers say 22q is "massively misdiagnosed" but can cause serious physical and psychological issues.

Assisted suicide: 'I was devastated by my husband's assisted death'

Thu, 11/22/2018 - 02:07
Deborah Binner respected her husband's decision to die at a Swiss clinic but says it felt like abandonment.

'I partied all night to hide from my PTSD'

Thu, 11/22/2018 - 02:03
Phil Riding felt fine when he returned from Helmand - the crisis hit five years later. Partying in gay nightclubs helped, but only for a while.

Type 2 diabetes affects 7,000 under-25s in England and Wales

Thu, 11/22/2018 - 01:44
Most are being treated by GPs and the figure is 10 times the number reported previously, a charity says.

Reality Check: How effective is the flu jab?

Thu, 11/22/2018 - 01:29
Millions of people are vaccinated against flu each year. But just how effective is the jab at protecting us against the virus?

The Nigerian patients being held over unpaid bills

Thu, 11/22/2018 - 01:26
Thousands of Nigerian patients are being held in extreme circumstances over unpaid medical bills.

'Vast gap' in child mental health support in England

Thu, 11/22/2018 - 00:59
England's young are being failed, children's commissioner warns, as a major report is set to come out.

NHS Wales aims to speed up cancer diagnosis for all

Thu, 11/22/2018 - 00:10
It will become the first UK nation to introduce a new single waiting-time target for cancer patients.

Why catching cancer earlier is so important

Thu, 11/22/2018 - 00:10
A cancer expert says making treatment more straightforward for patients is key to catching tumours early.

Could HoloLens tech help save babies’ lives?

Thu, 11/22/2018 - 00:01
Students are shown virtual reality images to teach them about obstetric emergencies.

Sugary supplement mannose could help fight cancer

Wed, 11/21/2018 - 18:00
Mannose can slow the growth of cancers and enhance the effects of chemotherapy in mice, experts say.

Gosport hospital deaths: Whistleblowers promised support

Wed, 11/21/2018 - 14:37
More than 450 patients died after being prescribed painkillers at Gosport War Memorial Hospital.