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Updated: 1 hour 41 min ago

Childcare costs rise up to seven times faster than wages

2 hours 31 min ago
London and the East Midlands saw the biggest rate of increase, says research by the TUC.

Obama and Bush decry deep US divisions without naming Trump

2 hours 33 min ago
Comments by the two ex-presidents are seen as a veiled rebuke of Donald Trump's leadership.

Oxbridge uncovered: More elitist than we thought

2 hours 34 min ago
The extent to which the Home Counties professional classes dominate Oxbridge admissions is revealed.

CIA chief: North Korea 'on cusp' of nuclear capability

3 hours 1 min ago
CIA chief Mike Pompeo said the US had to think about how to "stop the final step".

In a rush? Your quick catch-up on the day's news

3 hours 6 min ago
Your morning briefing for 20 October 2017.

Harvey Weinstein: Tarantino knew about film mogul's alleged misconduct

3 hours 33 min ago
The famed director worked closely with the Hollywood producer accused of many sexual assaults.

100 Women: The male movie star campaigning for women's rights

5 hours 34 min ago
Farhan Akhtar is not only massive in the movie world, he's also the founder of a movement to get men to support women's rights.

The space where women tell stories of abusive relationships.

5 hours 37 min ago
Thousands of women from France have been speaking out about the abuse they've experienced in their relationships.

Undercover police hunt sex offenders on Tube

5 hours 38 min ago
BBC 100 Women go undercover on the Tube with British Transport Police officers catching offenders.

100 Women: Why I chose #MeToo for my sexism experiment

7 hours 14 min ago
BBC 100 Women contributor Roya Ramezani was painting #MeToo hours before the Weinstein story broke.

10 fines at the dentist... that weren't fine

7 hours 21 min ago
Getting a £100 fine at the dentist is distressing, particularly if it is believed to be in error, say patients.

Chris Packham: Why I wouldn't change my Asperger's

7 hours 25 min ago
Chris Packham reveals how Asperger's syndrome helps him to see the world in a different way.

Mexican comedian brings stand-up to female prisoners

7 hours 58 min ago
How comedy workshops are helping inmates in Mexico's notoriously dangerous jails.

Japan's 'living artwork' invents new fashion style

8 hours 19 sec ago
Minori reinvented a Japanese street fashion style eight years ago that now has a worldwide following.

Ibrahim Halawa freed from jail in Egypt

8 hours 3 min ago
The Irishman was acquitted of all charges in Egypt over a month ago but his release was delayed.

India's first complete transgender couple are hoping to marry

8 hours 20 min ago
Sukanyeah and Aarav met at a gender reassignment clinic. Now they're planning a wedding.

Boxer Joseph Joyce gets inspiration from his mum, Marvel, who is blind.

8 hours 25 min ago
Olympic boxer Joseph Joyce gets inspiration from his adventurous mum, Marvel, who is blind and about to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

7 days quiz: Which royal did Paddington dance with?

8 hours 27 min ago
A weekly quiz of the news, 7 days 7 questions.

Pollution linked to one in six deaths

8 hours 48 min ago
Pollution has been linked to nine million deaths each year worldwide, according to a report in The Lancet.

Should Alderney make its wartime camps tourist attractions?

9 hours 29 min ago
A community is divided over whether World War Two labour camps should be used to promote tourism.