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Updated: 2 hours 34 min ago

How a single tweet led to resignation

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 13:21
How exactly did the Thornberry tweet lead to her resignation?

In pictures: By-elections since 2010

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 13:06
A look at the by-elections that have taken place since 2010

Public borrowing at £7.7bn in October

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 12:49
Government borrowing fell to £7.7bn in October, official figures show, down £0.2bn from a year earlier.

VIDEO: 'Boy David': Rapping and Spitting Image

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 12:47
David Steel recalls Africa, SDP, rapping and Spitting Image

VIDEO: Skinner blasts Reckless in Commons

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 12:14
Veteran Labour MP Dennis Skinner turns on UKIP's new MP, Mark Reckless, just moments after he is sworn into the Commons.

Airbus in £100m investment pledge

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 12:04
Plane-maker Airbus is investing £100m in research, development and training with £48m for its Flintshire factory.

Labour blames result on anti-politics

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 10:38
Labour's Douglas Alexander says the Rochester and Strood by-election result has sent "strong messages" to all parties and highlighted a sense of "alienation".

How UKIP became a political force

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 09:51
The story of the UK Independence Party's rise in British politics

VIDEO: Farage: If you vote UKIP you get UKIP

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 09:50
The UKIP has secured its second directly-elected MP - leader Nigel Farage says the result sends the message, "If you vote UKIP, you get UKIP."

VIDEO: 'A humiliation for the prime minister'

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 09:23
Labour's Douglas Alexander has described UKIP's victory in the Rochester and Strood by-election in Kent as, "a humiliation for the prime minister."

Firms spend £100m extra on research

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 08:40
There has been a major jump in spending by firms in Wales to create the hi-tech products of the future, as innovators and businesses hold an investment summit in Newport.

Rail electrification row settled

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 08:02
A deal is struck to electrify railway lines in the south Wales valleys after a row between the UK and Welsh governments over who should pay.

VIDEO: Hague 'disappointed' by UKIP victory

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 07:58
The UK Independence Party has taken its second seat from the Conservatives, winning the Rochester and Strood by-election in Kent.

Are all bets off after fresh UKIP win?

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 06:50
Nick Robinson on Nigel Farage's hopes of holding balance of power

UKIP's Reckless wins Rochester seat

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 06:06
The UK Independence Party has its second elected MP at Westminster after Mark Reckless wins the Rochester and Strood by-election by 2,920 votes.

VIDEO: Moment Reckless wins seat for UKIP

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 04:49
The UK Independence Party's Mark Reckless has won the Rochester and Strood by-election, giving the party a second seat at Westminster.

MPs to debate NHS 'privatisation'

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 02:15
MPs will debate are to debate a bill which its supporters say will roll back what they see as the creeping privatisation of the NHS in England

Sturgeon to reshuffle cabinet

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 01:47
Scotland's new First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is expected to announce a ministerial re-shuffle later with a strong female presence expected.

HMRC 'hasn't investigated tax scheme'

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 01:06
HM Revenue and Customs has not properly investigated why a tax relief scheme has cost £2bn more than expected, according to the National Audit Office.

Labour's Thornberry quits over tweet

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 00:03
Labour's Emily Thornberry resigns from the Labour front bench over a tweet she sent during the Rochester and Strood by-election campaign.