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Updated: 1 hour 55 min ago

Wales may follow on student finance

Tue, 04/21/2015 - 07:14
Despite higher education being devolved, ministers will be watching the outcome of the general election closely as it will impact on how colleges and students are funded.

The constituency that is much closer to Oslo than Westminster

Tue, 04/21/2015 - 01:12
Do Orkney and Shetland's residents feel distanced from the election?

The politics of childcare

Tue, 04/21/2015 - 00:10
Parents welcome extra childcare but providers say the fee they receive from the government does not cover their costs, reports Sanchia Berg.

Lib Dems 'to deliver opportunity'

Tue, 04/21/2015 - 00:10
The Scottish Liberal Democrats are to launch their manifesto, setting out plans to deliver a "decade of opportunity".

Clegg's tax rise vow on second homes

Tue, 04/21/2015 - 00:05
Nick Clegg says owners of second homes in rural beauty spots could face paying double the rate of council tax under Liberal Democrat plans.

Major warns of Labour-SNP 'mayhem'

Tue, 04/21/2015 - 00:03
Former Prime Minister John Major is to enter the election campaign and claim that a Labour government propped up by the SNP would be a "recipe for mayhem".

Chilcot report release date uncertain

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 23:59
The official inquiry into the 2003 Iraq War may not publish its long-awaited report this year, BBC Newsnight has learned.

Scottish power at Westminster

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 23:33
Much has been made of the impact Scottish MPs could have after the election. But would it be anything new?

UKIP wants BBC fee cut by two thirds

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 22:48
The BBC should be 'cut back to the bone' and the licence fee reduced by two thirds, according to UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

Labour plans nurses recruitment drive

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 22:19
Labour would launch an emergency recruitment drive to get 1,000 more nurses into training this year if they win the election, Ed Miliband will say.

Balls would be 'excellent chancellor'

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 18:08
Labour leader Ed Miliband says Ed Balls "would make an excellent chancellor" if his party wins the general election.

Election drive continues in Scotland

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 18:04
The UK election drive for votes in Scotland has continues at the start of the fourth week of campaigning.

Parties clash in climate debate

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 17:17
Politicians from five political parties clash on a Daily Politics debate over the level of action taken to tackle climate change - with UKIP arguing it is not caused by humans.

Power of the woman who isn't running

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 13:56
The spotlight turns on to the detail of the SNP's policies as Nicola Sturgeon launches the party's general election manifesto with characteristic confidence.

Migrant deaths a dark day - Cameron

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 13:45
David Cameron has described the latest boat disaster in the Mediterranean as a "dark day" for Europe and called for a "comprehensive" approach to the problem.

Plaid welcomes SNP backing on parity

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 13:05
Plaid Cymru welcomes support from the Scottish first minister for Wales to have the same level of funding and power as Scotland.

The politics of legitimacy

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 12:22
Would the public accept the second place party forming the government? What about a prime minister who's not a party leader? Ten key constitutional questions about the next Parliament.

Labour 'double danger' warning on NHS

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 12:15
Labour accuses the Conservatives of a "double deceit" over the NHS as they begin a week of campaigning on the health service.

Sinn Féin seeking £1.5bn for NI

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 12:10
Sinn Féin is to seek an extra £1.5bn for Northern Ireland in negotiations with an incoming government following the general election.

What sort of deal would Miliband do?

Mon, 04/20/2015 - 11:15
With polls suggesting a hung parliament, it is inevitable that Ed Miliband is facing questions about any deal he might strike with the SNP.