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Updated: 1 hour 13 min ago

Ebola vaccine 'will come too late'

Fri, 10/17/2014 - 05:00
UK pharmaceuticals firm GlaxoSmithKline says its Ebola vaccine will not be ready until late 2015 and is "going to come too late" for this epidemic.

Awareness signs in vegetative patients

Fri, 10/17/2014 - 00:09
Scientists have found hidden signatures in the brains of people in a vegetative state which suggest they might be conscious.

Sugary drinks warning posters 'work'

Fri, 10/17/2014 - 00:07
Signs warning shoppers how much exercise they need to do to burn off the sugar in fizzy drinks could be a useful tool in the fight against obesity, research suggests.

WHO focuses on stopping Ebola spread

Thu, 10/16/2014 - 17:45
African countries neighbouring those most affected by the deadly Ebola virus must be better prepared, the World Health Organization says.

Nearly 500 new FGM cases identified

Thu, 10/16/2014 - 17:21
NHS figures show 467 newly identified cases of girls and women needing treatment after female genital mutilation in England last month.

Hospital safety standards 'shocking'

Thu, 10/16/2014 - 16:58
Safety standards in hospitals in England are "shocking", inspectors say.

VIDEO: Malta: The nurse of the Mediterranean

Thu, 10/16/2014 - 15:27
As part of a BBC series looking at stories of World War One beyond the trenches, Dr Kevin Fong explores how Malta earned the name "The Nurse of the Mediterranean".

Eye ops were 'painful' and 'rushed'

Thu, 10/16/2014 - 14:43
Patients who had eye operations at a Somerset hospital suffered pain and said they felt rushed, a report claims.

Hospital apology over cancer care

Thu, 10/16/2014 - 13:16
A health trust apologises to cancer patients treated by a consultant who was later sacked, saying his treatment "resulted in your harm".

VIDEO: 'I won't walk 400m to chip shop'

Thu, 10/16/2014 - 13:07
The BBC's Zoe Conway went to a school in central London find out how far pupils were prepared to walk to buy fast food.

Hospitals' spot check data published

Thu, 10/16/2014 - 12:05
Improvements are needed to make sure medicines are safely administered on wards caring for elderly patients, says a report following spot checks at 20 hospitals.

VIDEO: Laxative abuse and the damage it can do

Thu, 10/16/2014 - 09:29
Increasing numbers of teenagers are using laxatives to lose weight, with some taking dozens a day and seriously risking their health.

Call to halt child 'laxative abuse'

Thu, 10/16/2014 - 08:46
The UK's leading eating disorder charity has called for the sale of laxatives to children to be more strictly regulated.

Ebola spread in West played down

Thu, 10/16/2014 - 08:13
The World Health Organization says a major outbreak of Ebola in the West is unlikely, as US President Obama orders a "more aggressive" response.

Mistakes 'costing NHS billions'

Thu, 10/16/2014 - 04:18
Basic mistakes in hospitals in England cost the NHS up to £2.5bn a year, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is to say.

New ovarian cancer test developed

Thu, 10/16/2014 - 01:12
A new test has been developed that could help doctors identify ovarian cancer more accurately and cut down on instances of unnecessary surgery.

UK tops WHO gullet cancer table

Thu, 10/16/2014 - 01:11
The UK has the highest rate in the world of one of the two main types of gullet cancer, according to the World Health Organization.

VIDEO: How Ebola samples are processed

Wed, 10/15/2014 - 21:23
Government scientists from Wiltshire are calling for micro-biologists to volunteer in the fight against the growing threat of the deadly Ebola virus.

VIDEO: Call for junk food ban near schools

Wed, 10/15/2014 - 19:20
A report by London's Health Commission has called for planning guidance to prevent new junk food outlets opening within 400m (1,300ft) of schools.

Passenger alert over US Ebola nurse

Wed, 10/15/2014 - 17:51
US health officials are seeking 132 people who flew on a plane with a Texas nurse on the day before she came down with symptoms of Ebola.