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Updated: 4 hours 6 min ago

Question of time

Mon, 08/08/2016 - 03:23
The BBC's Tulip Mazumdar returns to Sierra Leone to meet Ebola survivors and look at how well the country is equipped to handle future health crises.

Stephen Fry and Adam Deacon on living with bipolar

Mon, 08/08/2016 - 00:18
Bafta award-winning actor Adam Deacon, who was diagnosed last year with bipolar disorder, speaks to Stephen Fry for the Victoria Derbyshire programme.

Britons under-report calorie intake, study suggests

Mon, 08/08/2016 - 00:16
Britons are under-reporting their daily calorie consumption - potentially misleading policymakers attempting to curb obesity, a report suggests.

Life at two speeds

Mon, 08/08/2016 - 00:14
Kidulthood star Adam Deacon describes how he is learning to live with bipolar disorder, and takes advice from Stephen Fry.

Asthma pill 'promising' for people with severe symptoms

Sat, 08/06/2016 - 00:09
An experimental pill could help people with severe asthma, an early study in the Lancet Respiratory Medicine journal suggests.

Give 13-25s free condoms, says health watchdog

Fri, 08/05/2016 - 12:23
The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) has published draft guidelines saying councils in England should give 13-25 year olds free condoms.

Audley Harrison: Mental suffering affected my career

Fri, 08/05/2016 - 11:32
British boxer Audley Harrison has released a charity single for the Samaritans after revealing mental "suffering" had a significant impact on his career.

Cancer gene tests 'reveal family link'

Fri, 08/05/2016 - 02:15
Scientists have discovered why some families are affected by many different types of cancer, thanks to genetic testing.

Zika vaccines show early promise

Thu, 08/04/2016 - 22:10
Three different ways of designing a vaccine have been shown to be completely protective against the Zika virus.

US health insurer warns 3.7m after cyber-attack

Thu, 08/04/2016 - 17:00
US health insurer Banner Health writes to 3.7 million customers and healthcare providers following a cyber-attack.

Farmyard cure

Thu, 08/04/2016 - 15:33
A new study from the US comparing two traditional communities suggests exposure to farm animals may prevent asthma in children.

Being overweight 'ages people's brains'

Thu, 08/04/2016 - 15:21
The brains of overweight people look "'10 years older' than those of leaner peers, a study has found.

Zika outbreak: 'Small number' of cases found in Scotland

Thu, 08/04/2016 - 10:53
A number of people in Scotland have been diagnosed as having the Zika virus, the Scottish government confirms.

Saving lives in Aleppo

Thu, 08/04/2016 - 07:16
One of the few doctors remaining in Aleppo reveals how medics and civilians face death in the city on daily basis.

Far from home

Thu, 08/04/2016 - 02:00
A mother says her anorexic teenage daughter was passed to six different hospitals in two years, and now she has to travel 200 miles to see her.

Brain's thirst circuit 'monitors the mouth'

Thu, 08/04/2016 - 00:11
Scientists observe activity in the mouse brain which can explain why we get thirsty when we eat, and why cool water quenches thirst more quickly.

Funky and fumigated

Thu, 08/04/2016 - 00:09
Residents and visitors of Miami's Wynwood neighbourhood react to an "unprecedented" travel alert.

Call for supermarket price offers on healthy food

Thu, 08/04/2016 - 00:00
Supermarkets should concentrate their price promotions on healthy food to assist in the battle against obesity, according to consumer group Which?

Floss or not?

Wed, 08/03/2016 - 12:03
An investigation into flossing finds years of dental recommendations are backed up by "unreliable" research, so should you floss or not?

Eating disorders: Patients with 'wrong weight' refused care

Wed, 08/03/2016 - 06:27
A BBC Breakfast investigation has found some eating disorder patients are being refused mental health treatment because their BMI is either too high or too low.