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Updated: 1 hour 57 min ago

Tate boss Serota tops art power list

15 hours 43 min ago
Tate director Sir Nicholas Serota is named the most powerful figure in the art world.

What's lurking in Sweden's waters?

15 hours 50 min ago
What's lurking in Sweden's waters?

Ukraine rebels dream of New Russia

15 hours 52 min ago
With fighting continuing in eastern Ukraine, the BBC meets the rebels confident that "victory will be ours".

Graduates 'pay fees to universities'

15 hours 54 min ago
Graduates should pay their university a proportion of their future earnings rather than taking out loans, a report by a free-market think tank suggests.

VIDEO: Chimps carry out night time raids

15 hours 56 min ago
Wild chimps carry out night time crop raids, footage reveals, suggesting the animals are being pushed into more risky behaviour.

Chimps filmed in 'daring' food raids

15 hours 56 min ago
Wild chimps carry out night-time crop raids, footage reveals, suggesting the animals are being pushed into risky foraging behaviour.

Mystery of giant arm dinosaur solved

15 hours 59 min ago
Two dinosaur skeletons have been unearthed in Mongolia, solving a mystery that has baffled palaeontologists for 50 years.

US seniors face student loan debt

16 hours 1 min ago
Some US seniors are still paying off student loans

Nirvana: 25 years since first UK gig

16 hours 4 min ago
Fans recall Nirvana's first UK gig 25 years on

Police killer Roberts to be freed

16 hours 5 min ago
Police killer Harry Roberts is to be released from prison after more than 45 years, after a decision by the Parole Board.

VIDEO: Oscar buzz for Michael 'Birdman' Keaton

16 hours 21 min ago
Critics are already hailing Michael Keaton's latest film Birdman a success, with many tipping it for an Oscar as Talking Movies' Tom Brook reports.

Photographer captures beauty of Greenland

16 hours 25 min ago
Australian photographer explores Greenland's vast ice sheet

Reclaiming the swastika

16 hours 26 min ago
How the world loved the swastika - until Hitler stole it

Fears over city drone flight dangers

16 hours 34 min ago
Drones which could seriously injure or kill are being flown over cities and towns across England, despite laws designed to protect the public.

VIDEO: Remembering Ethiopia's famine

16 hours 35 min ago
Thirty years ago the BBC broadcast the first television reports of a devastating famine in Ethiopia. Tesfatsion Dalellew saw the reports and coordinated World Vision's response.

NHS acting as 'barrier to families'

16 hours 43 min ago
The NHS in England is told to stop being a barrier to infertile couples having children, according to the funding watchdog.

'More to do' on disabled hate crimes

16 hours 45 min ago
Hate crime convictions are at an all-time high, but disability hate crime convictions have dropped, according to a new report.

Military heads admit Afghan mistakes

16 hours 49 min ago
Military leaders failed to calculate the magnitude of the conflict in Afghanistan, the former head of the British army, Gen Sir Peter Wall, tells the BBC.

The NHS plan: Five things we've learned

16 hours 54 min ago
NHS chiefs have unveiled a five-year vision for the health service in England. But what are the key points?

NHS five-year plan 'packs a punch'

16 hours 56 min ago
The BBC's Hugh Pym looks at the future of healthcare in England