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Hope for son who vanished in 2004

Fri, 10/24/2014 - 07:05
The mother of a man who went missing on a golfing trip exactly 10 years ago says she has not given up hope of seeing him again.

'Hold Qatar World Cup in May'

Fri, 10/24/2014 - 06:59
Europe's biggest football clubs consider asking Fifa to hold the 2022 World Cup in May to avoid the intense summer heat.

Plans for 1,000 more student flats

Fri, 10/24/2014 - 06:27
Two developers are considering submitting planning applications for another 1,000 student flats in Belfast city centre.

Science chief warns on acid oceans

Fri, 10/24/2014 - 06:18
The UK's chief scientist says the oceans face a serious and growing risk from man-made carbon emissions.

Ashya King due to finish treatment

Fri, 10/24/2014 - 06:12
Brain tumour patient Ashya King will receive his final dose of proton beam therapy later, the clinic treating him says.

Governor quits over Mexico missing

Fri, 10/24/2014 - 05:49
The governor of Mexico's southern Guerrero state - where 43 students went missing after deadly clashes with police last month - stands down.

Qantas back on track to profit

Fri, 10/24/2014 - 05:28
Australia's troubled national carrier Qantas says it is on course to deliver its first pre-tax profits this year in the three months to September.

China 'punishes 17' for deadly clash

Fri, 10/24/2014 - 04:44
Chinese authorities have arrested one official and punished 16 others following a deadly clash in a Yunnan village, state media say.

US command of S Korea troops to stay

Fri, 10/24/2014 - 03:56
The US will maintain control of South Korean troops in the event of war with the North, the two sides say, delaying again a long-planned command transfer.

NY doctor tests positive for Ebola

Fri, 10/24/2014 - 03:29
A US doctor who recently returned from the Ebola-hit West African country of Guinea has tested positive for the virus in New York, officials say.

VIDEO: Security for polio workers in Pakistan

Fri, 10/24/2014 - 02:27
The number of cases of polio in Pakistan has topped 200 for the first time in nearly 15 years.

EU leaders agree CO2 emissions cut

Fri, 10/24/2014 - 02:01
The EU agrees what it calls "the world's most ambitious" deal to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030, overcoming deep divisions among members.

VIDEO: Sargy Mann: Painting with inner vision

Fri, 10/24/2014 - 01:38
Meet the artist who has been blind for 25 years

Quiz of the week's news

Fri, 10/24/2014 - 01:37
Why is Florida angry with Breaking Bad

Ukraine: Land of chaos and courage

Fri, 10/24/2014 - 01:36
A journey across a Ukraine wracked by conflict

The undercover cop, his lover, and their son

Fri, 10/24/2014 - 01:36
The undercover cop, his lover, and their son

How to solve brain-teasers set by a top puzzle master

Fri, 10/24/2014 - 01:32
How to solve brain-teasers by one of the greatest maths minds

The day UFOs stopped play

Fri, 10/24/2014 - 01:31
The day UFOs stopped play - and a crowd of 10,000 gasped

Disabled graduates: Life after university

Fri, 10/24/2014 - 01:27
Life after university for disabled graduates

UK told to pay £1.7bn extra to EU

Fri, 10/24/2014 - 01:24
The UK has been told it must pay an extra £1.7bn (2.1bn euros) towards the European Union's budget because of the country's relative economic health.