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Updated: 2 hours 25 min ago

The Government is wrong again on immigration

Wed, 09/06/2017 - 19:35

If you are an employer you need people from the rest of the world. The UK does not have enough people who are suitable to employ.
A typical area is hotel and restaurant trade.There are many other industries. Workers from Europe have a better attitude and are are aware of how to do the job.
Many British workers do not like this type of job. They do not like working in this industry and their attitude to it is not good.
Therefore a person from Europe working in the hotel Industry is not going to take away the work from someone who does not want the job.
So why does the Government keep going on that immigrants are taking UK jobs.If it carries on with this attitude some Industry will grind to a halt.Then we will have to import the products from abroad because the UK Companies have closed