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The Beautifully Scary Portraits of @shakenhallow For more of...

Thu, 10/29/2015 - 14:55

The Beautifully Scary Portraits of @shakenhallow

For more of Justin’s portraits, follow @shakenhallow on Instagram.

Nine years ago, Justin (@shakenhallow) was in a near-fatal car accident that left him severely burned and a double amputee. Now 29, he has had to go through years of rehabilitation and physical therapy to be able to walk again, using prosthetics. During that time, he took art classes, which turned into another form of therapy, and led to deeply personal creations.

“[My art] is about me and my accident and my emotions going into these drawings,” says Justin, who lives in Phoenix and prefers not to use his last name. “To me, a creature’s a creature. The world’s very judgmental. I think there’s beauty in every person.”

If you feel a little uncomfortable looking at the sketches and paintings he makes, that’s just as well. “It does make me smile if someone gets a scare out of what I make,” he says, admitting that his work is in the dark arts genre — but absolutely not satanic. “I have followers that’ll be like, ‘Yeah, 666!’ You can believe whatever you want to believe, but I don’t want [my art] to be clumped into that kind of thing.” Wanders and Frightens on the Streets of Spain For more...

Thu, 10/29/2015 - 00:38 Wanders and Frightens on the Streets of Spain

For more haunting photos, follow on Instagram.

(This interview was conducted in Spanish.)

Do you believe in ghosts? thinks you should. “Of course I am a real ghost,” he says. “If I were a normal person I wouldn’t be wearing a sheet.” doesn’t remember what he was doing before he became a ghost, but since he started taking photos of his hauntings (with what he describes as “a selfie stick for ghosts”), he’s been able to keep track of all the places he’s visited, mostly in Spain. And what’s next for this photogenic spirit? “I will keep wandering and frightening on the streets,” says. “This job makes me feel alive.”

Conjuring Monsters with @dominicqwek For more of Dominic’s...

Wed, 10/28/2015 - 21:19

Conjuring Monsters with @dominicqwek

For more of Dominic’s monsters and crazy alien warriors, follow @dominicqwek on Instagram.

Dominic Qwek’s (@dominicqwek) days and nights are filled with monsters — and he wouldn’t have it any other way. “Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated by monsters and scary-looking aliens,” Dominic says. Born in Singapore, Dominic, who’s 35, now lives with his wife (an artist and occasional creative collaborator) in Southern California, where he’s a character designer for the video game company Blizzard Entertainment. Inspired by the unforgettable creatures that slithered and munched their way through so many classic sci-fi thrillers, especially the Alien and Predator films, Dominic spent countless hours when he was younger filling notebooks with drawings of nightmarish, oddly beautiful beasts. Today, working with advanced software as well as old-school modeling techniques and 3-D printers, he designs eye-popping creatures for popular video games (Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, and others) and for his own amusement — including the ultra-freaky inhabitants of what he calls a “holistic universe of crazy alien warriors.” In the end, Dominic seems at peace delving ever deeper into the darker realms of his own imagination. “Being in a career like this requires a lot of passion,” he says. “I can’t imagine someone who doesn’t love monsters doing this for a living.”

The Road to New Orleans with Joey Bada$$ and the Soul Rebels To...

Wed, 10/28/2015 - 20:24

The Road to New Orleans with Joey Bada$$ and the Soul Rebels

To see more of Joey’s, check out @jozifbadmon and #BadassTourDiary on Instagram. For more music stories, head to @music.

Michael Brown was shot dead by police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri, on August 9, 2014. Less than a week later, Joey Bada$$ (@jozifbadmon) found himself on stage in New York City, paying tribute to a man whose death was still being processed, debated and fought over.

“A lot of crazy things have been happening this week and I just want to dedicate this song to Mr. Michael Brown. Rest in peace,” said Joey, with two fingers raised in the air, before launching into a blistering, energetic rendition of his track “Hardknock.”

“This is a situation we find ourselves in — trapped in America every day.” It’s now a year later, and the 20-year-old Brooklyn rapper is reflecting on that impromptu tribute and the events that followed. “This is nothing new to me,” he adds. “I already have the music that speaks on these issues.”

That night was a unique one for Joey — not least because of the situation in Missouri, but also for who he was playing his music with: The Soul Rebels, an eight-piece brass band from New Orleans known for their blend of jazz, funk, soul and hip-hop. Joey doesn’t typically perform with a live band, but something about the Rebels struck a chord. That’s why, later this week, he will collaborate with the group once again, this time for a show on their turf, at the 2015 Voodoo Festival. Before the concert, Joey will be sharing photos from the road leading up to the event via the #BadassTourDiary hashtag.

“I can’t remember how it got set up, but they were having a show in Brooklyn and they just invited me,” says Joey, of his first encounter with the group. “I came through and our chemistry right away was amazing.”

The show is at the tale end of what has been a banner year for the rapper. After releasing his debut studio record, B4.DA.$$, in January to critical acclaim, he set off on a worldwide tour, hitting the United States, Europe and Japan — all while letting his friend, photographer @deeknows, document his life on the road: Joey diving off the stage into the crowd, Joey seeking a quiet corner to write lyrics, Joey hanging out backstage.

“We pretty much document our experiences all the time,” he says. “I just try to capture all my moments as best I can. I usually don’t like cameras in my face, but when it’s [Dee’s], I am super comfortable.”

Comfort is just as important to Joey on stage — which is what led him to another Soul Rebels collaboration. He knew from that night a year ago, when the band took his lead on the Michael Brown tribute, that this group was on to something. Now they’re going to try it again — but don’t expect Joey to tell you what will happen ahead of time.

“I always tell people you shouldn’t expect things, you should accept it,” he says. “When you’re expecting something from me, you’re never gonna get what you expect. Fans can just accept life that day and enjoy the show.”

— Instagram @music

@marijncoertjens Hopes for Sweet Success at World Chocolate...

Wed, 10/28/2015 - 15:08

@marijncoertjens Hopes for Sweet Success at World Chocolate Masters

For more photos of Marijn’s chocolates, follow @marijncoertjens on Instagram.

World Chocolate Masters, currently underway in Paris, is the Olympics of chocolate competitions, and chef Marijn Coertjens (@marijncoertjens) intends to earn the equivalent of the gold medal. “I have competed in a lot of competitions, and this world championship will be my last,” he says. “So I have to win.” Born in Belgium, Marijn studied baking and pastry in school, and planned on working in a regular bakery shop in his hometown. But one day he came across a magazine that featured chocolate show pieces, and he immediately changed his course. “I wanted to be a part of the elite chefs of chocolate. And then I wanted to do competitions,” he says.

Check, check. Marijn is now master chocolatier for The Peninsula, a hotel in Hong Kong, and is among the finalists this week competing for the title “world chocolate master.” “Of course being the best in the world is great. If you’re best in the world in chocolate, you’re probably the best in the universe, because you can’t find chocolate on any other planet,” he says. “When I was a kid, I used to admire sport champions. They master a practice until they become the best. So now that I am quite good in chocolate I want to be the best.”

Mets Outfielder Curtis Granderson on His Teammate Fan Account...

Wed, 10/28/2015 - 00:21

Mets Outfielder Curtis Granderson on His Teammate Fan Account @wefollowlucasduda

For more New York Mets surveillance of Lucas Duda, follow @wefollowlucasduda on Instagram.

Along the way to their first World Series appearance since 2000, the New York Mets kept their clubhouse loose, even though few experts believed they’d even make the playoffs. Case in point: @wefollowlucasduda, an Instagram account run by right fielder Curtis Granderson, that, as its name suggests, lovingly surveils first baseman Lucas Duda. Though he’s a 6’4", 255-pound slugger, Lucas is fairly shy with fans and media, so Curtis decided something must be done. “Duda’s a great guy and a great athlete, so we felt like we needed to share Duda with the fans. He’s really funny, even when he doesn’t intend to be. He enjoys sushi, music and likes to have fun, but is a serious guy when it comes to baseball,” says Curtis. Other teammates have joined in on the fun, filming him in the batting cage or having a pregame snack, even though Lucas acts frustrated by the attention. “I’m not sure which annoyed him most, but he’s taken my phone on many occasions and deleted a bunch of really good videos!” Curtis says. In the last game against the Cubs, Lucas hit a home run and had five RBIs to help the team win, but is he starting to enjoy the Instagram attention? “I think it’s 50-50,” says Curtis. “It’s growing on him.”

Changing the Way We Look at Ourselves with @petrafcollins and...

Tue, 10/27/2015 - 15:11

Changing the Way We Look at Ourselves with @petrafcollins and #MyStory

This story is the first installment of #MyStory — a new series that spotlights inspiring women in the Instagram community. To see more images of the artist, follow @petrafcollins, and join the conversation by sharing your own story using the hashtag #MyStory.

“#MyStory is about creating images for women or female-identifying people that are hopefully more truthful and inclusive. I struggled a lot academically when I was a young girl. I was like, ‘Oh I’m not smart so I’ll need to rely on my looks.’ But, everything I was looking at in magazines was from one point of view. I wanted to capture my own life. I wanted to create an outlet and images that felt like ‘Oh, this happened. This is real.’ Creating nostalgia is a way to make a place in the world, to cement my story — or other girls’ stories — in the landscape.

The way I’ve gotten to where I am now is because of the Internet and these platforms like Instagram or Facebook or Tumblr, where people, specifically teenage girls, are able to create their own worlds and post their own work. We live in an image-based world. We’re all constantly bombarded by images, but a lot of them don’t reflect the normal person or girl. And I think the selfie is a really important tool for girls because they can create images of themselves that aren’t the manipulated ones that they see.

I don’t want to create some sort of greater version of me. I’ll post photos of my body or me with my acne. When there are images of your natural self out there for other people to see, you just feel more like a human — and other girls can see them and relate. It’s crazy … I get really mean responses, but it’s always really nice to hear people be like, ‘Oh, I have that right now. I can post a photo like you’re posting a photo.’ That’s the best feeling.”

Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPboomerang Weekend Hashtag Project...

Mon, 10/26/2015 - 21:56

Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPboomerang

Weekend Hashtag Project is a series featuring designated themes and hashtags chosen by Instagram’s Community Team. For a chance to be featured on the Instagram blog, follow @instagram and look for a post announcing the weekend’s project every Friday.

This weekend’s prompt was #WHPboomerang, which asked participants to use the new Boomerang from Instagram app to turn everyday moments into fun and creative videos. Every Monday we feature some of our favorite submissions from the project, but be sure to check out the rest here.

@rashidjohnson Collapses Walls in Paris For more photos of...

Mon, 10/26/2015 - 15:29

@rashidjohnson Collapses Walls in Paris

For more photos of Rashid Johnson’s shea wall performance, explore the hashtag #sheawall, and follow @rashidjohnson on Instagram.

On Wednesday in Paris, the artist Rashid Johnson (@rashidjohnson) worked with volunteers to build a wall out of shea butter and cinder blocks. The performance was a reimagination of Allan Kaprow’s 1970 performance “Sweet Wall,” using the yellowy butter Rashid often uses in his practice instead of the bread and jam used in the original. “The suggestion of shea butter’s healing properties lends this restaging a new layer of meaning, and on some level erodes the harshness of the way in which we imagine the wall as an obstacle,” says Rashid, who lives in New York City. Shortly after the wall was completed, Rashid knocked it down. “2015 feels like it is a year of wall-building around the world, and the potential of the collapse of these walls is an ambition and ever-expanding concern of my practice.”

The Art of Shaping Dough with Pasta Geek @miyukiadachi To see...

Sun, 10/25/2015 - 20:55

The Art of Shaping Dough with Pasta Geek @miyukiadachi

To see more photos and videos of Miyuki’s skillful pasta-making, follow @miyukiadachi on Instagram.

To many, pasta means Italy, and evokes images of mouthwatering alfresco meals surrounded by olive groves in the hills of Tuscany. But there is a whole world of pasta lovers out there, and Miyuki Adachi (@miyukiadachi) of Osaka, Japan, is the ultimate pasta geek, despite having never stepped foot in Italy.

A British and American literature graduate, Miyuki was unsure about her future when she finished college. Little did she know her destiny was held in her own name (Miyuki means “deeply happy” in Japanese). After much soul-searching, she realized what made her most happy was kneading dough and artfully shaping it — so she became a professional cook.

Currently working as the lead pasta-maker at a restaurant in Toronto, Canada, Miyuki forms all kinds of pasta, but one of her favorites is strascinati, which requires a technique of “dragging” the pasta. “I love the feeling of the knife pulling over the layers of pasta dough,” she says. When it comes to her favorite pasta dish to eat, Miyuki has no doubts: “Orecchiette, because of its chewiness and ability to hold sauce well,” says Miyuki. “I serve it with broccoli raab, garlic and anchovy with toasted bread crumbs. It is really simple and has a clean flavor.”

The Week on Instagram | 206 News CNN: Five years on:...

Sun, 10/25/2015 - 15:02

The Week on Instagram | 206


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Extreme Knitting with @jacquifink For more extreme knitting,...

Sat, 10/24/2015 - 21:59

Extreme Knitting with @jacquifink

For more extreme knitting, follow @jacquifink on Instagram.

Using custom-built, industrial-sized knitting needles, Jacqui Fink (@jacquifink) uses her whole body to knit extreme-scale textiles and art installations at her home in Sydney. “It’s one part bonkers, two parts beautiful and three parts the best therapy there is,” she says. Jacqui, whose mother taught her to knit as a child, returned to the craft after a career in law and being bolstered by a moment of inspiration. “I had a vision, which transformed my life and opened the door to extreme knitting. While I was asleep, a big, loud booming voice said to me, ‘You have to knit, and it needs to be big.’ The command was as terrifying as it was profound,” she says. “There was no way I wasn’t going to listen to it.”

Jacqui uses high-grade merino roving, yarn and wools sourced from Australia and New Zealand. Effectively handling delicate merino wool on a large scale took her over two years of research and experimentation. She sits on an armless chair to support the needles — over three and a half feet (110 centimeters) long, made of PVC plumber’s pipe with hand-turned timber ends — and the weight of the wool, which can be 11 pounds (5 kilograms) for an average throw. “The terrific thing about extreme knitting is that you get rewarded very quickly for all your hard work. You can knit yourself a scarf in an hour, a throw in four and king-size blanket in six,” she says.

Launching her own business, Little Dandelion, Jacqui aims to create pieces that will last a lifetime, not one season, and is constantly driven by her passion for merino wool over and above the technical skills. “You need to let go of all of your preconceived notions about what it is to knit in order to be able to really enjoy it,” she advises.

Jacqui adds that she is also driven by knitting’s therapeutic qualities: “It is a very ritualistic process involving a beautiful rhythm between the heart, hand and eye. Once you become adept at the various techniques, you really don’t have to think about what you are doing and so your mind is set free to wander.”

Compelling, Not Creepy: @scottradkeart’s Lovable Creatures To...

Sat, 10/24/2015 - 17:13

Compelling, Not Creepy: @scottradkeart’s Lovable Creatures

To see more of Scott’s creatures, follow @scottradkeart on Instagram.

Don’t get spooked — despite their gnarled hands, corpse-colored skin and sunken eyes, Scott Radke’s (@scottradkeart) creations come in peace. “If you wanna get creepy with it, it’s real easy! Any film or music video [they are] involved in goes straight to the dark side,” says the 44-year-old sculptor, whose work made a cameo appearance in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. Even if Scott prefers to bring his caterpillar people and bodiless, baby-cheeked creatures to life in suburban Cleveland nature preserves, he understands the desire to situate them in more shadowy worlds. After all, many of them were born there: Before discovering yoga and meditation, Scott displaced his anxiety and panic attacks by carving their faces. “I’ve always been told I was like Eeyore. I’ve had emotions and feelings I wanted to express and there was just no way I could do it with words. It comes out with what I do,” he says. These days, Scott lives with his daughter, their pet chickens and a lot more serenity — which he wants to pay forward to his soulful-eyed sculptures. “I’m pretty happy and content inside,” he says. “I wish I could write my own stories. I’d put them in something with a positive message.”

Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPboomerang Weekend Hashtag Project...

Sat, 10/24/2015 - 01:29

Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPboomerang

Weekend Hashtag Project is a series featuring designated themes and hashtags chosen by Instagram’s Community Team. For a chance to be featured on the Instagram blog, follow @instagram and look for a post announcing the weekend’s project every Friday.

The goal this weekend is to use the new Boomerang from Instagram app to turn everyday moments into fun and creative videos.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Look for moments with great energy or movement – like the sudden burst of a balloon popping or a friend doing a hilarious dance – and focus on capturing the peak moment of action.
  • Tap and hold your finger on your subject to lock the focus and exposure, then press record as your subject moves through your frame, or move the camera itself to add motion to your video.
  • Because Boomerang videos play back and forth on repeat, think of ways you might play tricks on the eye with your submissions - objects or people flying through the frame or seeming to defy gravity.

PROJECT RULES: Please add the #WHPboomerang hashtag only to Boomerang videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own visuals to the project. Any tagged Boomerang video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured Monday.

#whereartthou: Conceptual Artist Lawrence Weiner’s Work Comes to...

Fri, 10/23/2015 - 15:51

#whereartthou: Conceptual Artist Lawrence Weiner’s Work Comes to @blenheimpalace

For more photos of Lawrence Weiner’s “Within a Realm of Distance” exhibition, explore the hashtag #blenheimpalace, and follow @blenheimpalace on Instagram.

The stone facades and ornate ceilings of Blenheim Palace (@blenheimpalace) in Oxford, England, are currently home to an exhibition by the conceptual artist Lawrence Weiner, who works primarily with language. The show includes small paintings placed subtly among other palace treasures, as well as pieces Lawrence created specifically for the show, such as the title piece, “Within a Realm of Distance,” which glows at the palace entrance. “My favorite work is ‘More than enough’ on the ceiling of the library,” says Elena Shamis (@elensham), a marketing manager who lives in London and visited the palace on Saturday. “I see a connection between language — Weiner’s artistic medium — and the books that surround us in the library.”

Lawrence Weiner’s “Within a Realm of Distance” exhibition will be open until December 20.

Reviving Vintage VWs with @kustomlifespace To see more of...

Fri, 10/23/2015 - 01:08

Reviving Vintage VWs with @kustomlifespace

To see more of Nick’s meticulous Volkswagen restorations, follow @kustomlifespace on Instagram.

When the UK’s economy soured, and Nick Kaye’s (@kustomlifespace) construction company in Mid Wales went under, he saw it as the chance to pursue his true passions: carpentry, interior design and Volkswagen buses.

“Each bus has a story to tell,” he says. “I love it when they get stripped back to show all the lost souvenirs and trinkets they picked up along the way — old coins, key rings, maps and stickers that show where they’ve been.”

Each restoration is completely customized, allowing Nick to tailor the restoration to the clients’ intended use. It also caters to Nick’s obsessive attention to detail. “I get hung up on the smallest of details, which the majority of people would never even notice. But it’s all worth it when somebody actually does.”

#LocalLens: Coffee, Pastries and the Sea in Gothenburg with...

Thu, 10/22/2015 - 18:56

#LocalLens: Coffee, Pastries and the Sea in Gothenburg with @cimek

For more of Cim’s photos from Gothenburg, follow @cimek on Instagram.

A relaxed pace of life paired with quality pastries and coffee helped lure photographer Cim Ek (@cimek) to move from Stockholm to the coastal city of Gothenburg, Sweden. “One of the best things about being in Gothenburg is that you have the west coast archipelago nearby,” she says. “For the same price as a tram ticket you can get out and explore some of the gorgeous islands like Vrångö, Donsö or Asperö. There is a never-ending beauty on these small and charming islands and I love to go shoot here off-season when it’s windy and cold.” When she’s not outside, Cim can be found inside a coffee shop. “We have lots of Swedish specialties that one should try, especially the kanelbulle,” she says, referring to Sweden’s version of the cinnamon roll. “We have a word in Swedish that means having a coffee and pastry, called fika. We have at least one fika a day here!”

Gothenburg’s districts provide ample photo opportunities, Cim explains. “Here you have a little bit of everything! The cute cobble streets and old buildings of Haga; the newly built area with fantastic architecture in Lindholmen; the typical Gothenburg buildings called Landshövdingehus in Majorna. It’s also great that we have the canal running through the center of the city that connects to the ocean.”

Here are some of Cim’s favorite places to shoot photos in Gothenburg:

  • Röda Sten (The Red Rock) — “This is a spot I never get tired of. Here you have the beautiful Älvsborgs Bridge, art galleries and graffiti walls.”
  • Lindholmen — “For someone who likes architecture, this is the place to visit. One of the highlights is the Kuggen building. You can also enjoy a walk along the canal.”
  • Redbergsparken — “A small park with an amazing view. Redbergsparken is located so that one can see pretty much the whole city. It’s perfect for late sunsets, and for New Year’s and fireworks.”
  • Lake Delsjön — “There is a lot of nature and parks in and around Gothenburg. I really enjoy shooting in all the different seasons. One of my favorite areas is around Lake Delsjön.”
  • Götaplatsen — “This is the plaza where the Gothenburg Museum of Art is located, a beautiful building to shoot. I love the architecture and the lines and shapes of the pillars and stairs. Climb the stairs for a view of downtown of Gothenburg. The plaza is a perfect place to have a drink and enjoy the sunset in the summertime.”

Alessia Cara on Her First Album (and the Artwork Behind It) To...

Thu, 10/22/2015 - 18:08

Alessia Cara on Her First Album (and the Artwork Behind It)

To see more of Alessia’s photos, check out @alessiasmusic on Instagram. For more music stories, head to @music.

It’s 2002, and a young Canadian named Alessia Caracciolo is dancing and posing in front of the mirror to the beat of an untitled tune.

“I was being babysat by my aunt and she was really into dance music,” says the now 19-year-old singer known as Alessia Cara (@alessiasmusic). “So I dressed up in her clothes and was just dancing in the mirror to those songs, trying to be a performer. I always loved doing that stuff, but it’s such a cringeworthy video.”

Awkward or not, the clip is one of several static-y gems on Alessia’s feed that offer an unfiltered, pre-fame glimpse at what life was like before she signed to Def Jam and released her catchy, soulful anti-social anthem “Here,” about a real-life encounter at a party she had no interest in being at. The track immediately won acclaim from critics and fans alike.

Now on the verge of releasing her debut album, Know-It-All, Alessia is ready to share more of that unbridled outlook with the world. While the record itself has greater versatility than her last effort, the EP Four Pink Walls (“There are slow songs, upbeat pop songs, more alternative sounding stuff,” she says), her first full-length project won’t be a complete left turn.

“All of the songs on the EP are going to be on the album — it’s very much connected,” she says. Even the cover art is similar: a minimalist backdrop with Alessia rocking a red plaid shirt, jeans and boots. “I really wanted the album to be a continuation of what the EP is. So I thought me wearing the same thing would show that. It’s still me by a wall, but the wall color changes and my position evolves.”

In a way, the cover itself also matches Alessia’s approach to her career: Why make a big splash when the songs themselves stand on their own? Take “Seventeen,” a candid pop-heavy tune about wanting to grow up when you’re younger, then, as an adult, missing out on the magic you experienced as a child. The album itself takes its title from a line in the song: “I’m a know-it-all, I don’t know enough.” The phrase is supposed to be tongue-and-cheek. But after a year of touring and recording and sharing photos from around the world, Alessia knows exactly what lessons she has learned — and what to take with her on her next project.

“I think in the beginning I was kind of shy. I didn’t know how to say how I was feeling,” she says. “But as the album progressed, the last song I wrote for it, I did completely by myself — which was a huge step for me — and I wasn’t afraid to say what I needed to say.”

As she adds later, “I know how to do things now.”

— Instagram @music

Introducing Boomerang from Instagram It’s not a photo. It’s not...

Thu, 10/22/2015 - 15:00

Introducing Boomerang from Instagram

It’s not a photo. It’s not a gif. It’s a Boomerang.

Today, we’re announcing Boomerang from Instagram, a new video app that lets you turn everyday moments into something fun and unexpected.

Capture a friend jumping off a diving board, defying physics as she flies back and forth through the air. Transform an ordinary selfie with your friends into a funny video. Get that exact moment your friend blows out his birthday candles, then watch them come back to life again and again.

Press a button and the app does the rest. Boomerang takes a burst of photos and stitches them together into a high-quality mini video that plays forward and backward. Shoot in portrait or landscape. Share it on Instagram. Boomerang automatically saves it to your camera roll. We’re inspired by the visual stories you tell on Instagram. With looping videos and Hyperlapse, you experiment with motion in new and exciting ways. Now, with Boomerang, we can’t wait to see what you’ll create next.

To learn more about Boomerang from Instagram check out the Instagram Help Center.

Boomerang from Instagram is available today for iOS in Apple’s App Store and for Android in Google Play.

Lizzie Velasquez: Speaker, Author, Anti-Bullying...

Wed, 10/21/2015 - 22:20

Lizzie Velasquez: Speaker, Author, Anti-Bullying Warrior

October is #NationalBullyingPreventionMonth. Follow @littlelizziev’s journey on Instagram, and explore the #stopbullying hashtag for more anti-bullying stories and messages.

Twenty-six-year-old motivational speaker and author Lizzie Velasquez (@littlelizziev) has dedicated her life to spreading positivity. Born in Austin, Texas, with a rare congenital disease that prevents her from gaining weight, Lizzie endured years of severe online bullying after a video deemed her the “ugliest woman alive.” But Lizzie no longer pushes the negativity aside. Instead, she uses it as fuel for anti-bullying activism across her social media channels. “Some days, the negative comments get to me, and on those days, I have to say, ‘OK, they are reminding me that I still have a job to do; I still need to keep doing the things I’m doing,’” says Lizzie. “To be able to process those feelings and let myself go through it has been really, really important for me.”